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28 July 2020 - 28 July 2020
Limited Time

Help those you love to optimize their health with a series of 32 newly released videos by Dr. David DeRose.

Now Available by Digital Download


Based on Dr. DeRose's popular "Methuselah Factor" framework, the series provides practical strategies documented to...

·         improve physical performance

·         lower blood pressure

·         decrease diabetic complications

·         optimize mental performance

·         increase the likelihood of avoiding or beating cancer

·         decrease heart disease risk

·         help prevent strokes

·         and more

Pre-Publication Pricing Available Through August 2, 2020

Two options are now available.

1. Physical Product

You can still get the special pricing of $19.95 on our 3-DVD set of 32 videos (over 3.5 hours of total viewing time)--plus a 4th DVD featuring our 12 "Missing Link" videos. The set will list for $29.95 when distribution begins in August 2020 (expected shipping date August 24). Order it here.

2. Digital Download

We have just released a digital download option that shaves 50% off the retail price. For $14.95 you can download, right now, all of the videos that will ultimately be released on the 4 DVDs. Order it here.

Order Today at a Special Price
Take advantage of our special “pre-publication” pricing of $14.95 for the digital download version or $19.95 for the 4 DVD set. Order either option here.

Why a Video Series?

Lives continue to be changed by reading Dr. DeRose’s popular and highly-rated book, The Methuselah Factor: Learn How to Live Sharper, Leaner, Longer, and Better—in Thirty Days or Less. However, Dr. DeRose wanted to put additional tools in the hands of laypeople and health professionals alike. His new videos are designed to be watched once daily over the span of one month. In less than 7 minutes per day, on average, Dr. DeRose will teach you, and those you love, medically-documented strategies to improve your health now, and decrease your risk of disease in the future.


More Information

Do you want to check out some of the videos before purchasing the set? Selected videos can be viewed for a limited time on Dr. DeRose’s YouTube channel, CompassHealth Consulting

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