What is Total Health Network?

Total Health Network is an online directory for businesses and organizations dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles beginning in the USA and now across the world.    Businesses on this site have the option to provide as much information as they wish to you the viewer.


Who operates Total Health Network?

Total Health Network is operated by a team of Christian business professionals who have a passion for health-related issues.  We have a team that reviews listings to make sure they meet the standards of the website.  While we take every measure to make the information that appears on the website is family-friendly, there may be the off chance that someone has hacked someone's account to cause mischief.  If you come across a listing that contains inappropriate material contact us immediately so that we can address the issue.


How do I search for a business?

You have several options on the home page.  In the search options at the top of the Home page, you can enter a business name or a related subject, you can search by category and you may search by location (city) or zip code.  Zipcode results are based upon the business location.


How current is the information on your website?

Businesses are added and removed daily based upon their current operating status.  At regular intervals, the entire database of businesses is reviewed for the accuracy of each authority.  The majority of data is obtained directly from the business itself. Although the directory is as reliable and current as we can make it, we cannot warrant or guarantee its accuracy or completeness and provide no indemnification. 


How can I contact a business?

Each listing should provide a phone number, address and email link when available.   Spamming carriers on our Total Health Network is not permitted. 


Can I advertise my business on Total Health Network with special ads?

We are accepting a limited number of banner ads at this time.  Ads must be related to the health and well-being of our audiences and in accordance with our requirements.  You can view our rates here or contact us here for more information.


Do you have customer support?

You may contact us through our support ticket system with questions or for tech support issues.  Our support staff is available Monday thru Friday during regular business hours.


About Total Health Network

Total Health Network is a Christian professional and reliable business directory focused on healthy lifestyles.  We strive to bring to our viewers' businesses and organizations where healthy living is a priority one.

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