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Your Wellness. Your Peace.

I'm just a simple woman, young wife and mother with a vision - help others achieve holistic health, freedom and ultimately ~ true peace within.

My motto: "Be your best self."

For years, I've felt the pull in my spirit to share my journey with others. However, I've always been turned off by the idea of putting myself "out there." Like many, I go through times where I just want to be alone - free of the judgements of others, and the spotlight in general. But, after watching a Ted Talk titled "The Art of Being Yourself," by Caroline McHugh, I realized that, If I didn't do what my spirit was prompting me to do, not only was I wasting: talent, opportunity etc, but I could be stealing inspiration etc from someone who may benefit from my efforts.

My belief: Your wellness = Your peace

Bnatural Bvegan is a brand created to challenge every individual to live fully, becoming their best self. I strive to help individuals through lifestyle coaching, vegan cooking demonstrations, natural hair care classes, etc. find freedom and peace; by following a plant-based and/or natural lifestyle.

My story:

​I've always searched for true peace, even beyond the general "what's my purpose in life," question. In 2014, I believe I began to concoct the recipe (no pun intended lol). My wellness, holistic wellness, which included: mental, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual health, equaled my peace!

​Originally inspired by a 10-day "fruit, nut and vegetable only challenge," my boyfriend and I, (now husband), decided to "go vegan." After completing that challenge, I believed I could do anything, and my whole outlook on healthy living changed! That decision, along with doing the "big chop," in 2011, (embracing my "natural" hair), sparked an interest in me to continue to strive for true peace through self-acceptance and self-renewal; along the journey to be(come) my best, true, authentic self.

​In this blog, I hope to share my journey with you, in hopes that you can find true peace, hope, motivation, inspiration etc. on the journey to be(coming) your best, true, authentic self.



​Bnatural Bvegan





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17 May 2020


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Detroit, Michigan, United States
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